CHEM 231 Tutoring UMD

For UMD Students Spring 2019

Email me for rates & schedule:
Text or Call: 657-777-CHEM (657-777-2436)

My name is Joy, and I'm available to tutor you for every CHEM 231 Exam and Final this Spring 2019. I respond within 3 hours!

I'm a private professional General Chemistry (chem), Organic Chemistry (orgo) and Biochemistry (biochem) tutor. I specialize in 1-on-1 lessons with emphasis on 231 old exams, and meet at the University of Maryland College Park (UMD).
Curious what students say during sessions? Click to read all feedback!

I can tutor you well in the following courses:

  • Dr. Pedro Bueno
  • Dr. Andrei Vedernikov (276)
  • Dr. Amanda Schech (272)
  • Dr. Gowetski (SIE)
  • Dr. Paul Paukstelis (461)
  • Dr. Christopher Capp (461)
  • Dr. Douglas Julin (462)
  • Dr. Myles Poulin (462)
  • Dr. Christiana Guest (463)
  • Dr. Bonnie Dixon (463)

  What Students Say After Their First Session:

"This was extremely helpful you have no idea. At least now I know when I"m studying I'll know what I'm actually studying about"
- Tutoring for Student in CHEM 231 UMD, Dr. Joseph Houck Spring 2015

(tutor) "Was this helpful at all?" (student) "A thousand percent!"
- Tutoring for Student in CHEM 231 UMD, Dr. Joseph Houck Spring 2015

"I wish I had called you before the 2nd exam - that would've been really helpful'"
- Tutoring for Student in CHEM 231 UMD, Dr. Lee Friedman Spring 2015

Why Tutor With Me?

Learn to Organize and Prioritize

  • I'll help you stay focused so you don't feel lost - there's nothing worse than studying the wrong material.
  • Access to Top Notch Resources

  • Most up-to-date technology used during sessions
  • Access to more chem exams than Koofers, Chegg and Coursehero
  • Customized worksheets and flowcharts to speed knowledge retention
  • Efficient Use of Your Time

  • You'll be learning every minute we're together 1-on-1
  • I weed out the BS from the textbook/lecture and get straight to the point.
  • Flexible

  • Available every day to meet you at UMD College Park campus - even weekends!
  • See Me in Action

    View the Ring Expansion video to gauge my tutoring style and get a sense of a potential session with me. Ring Expansion is a difficult concept to grasp in Organic Chemistry. My highly edited video is focused on clearly explaining the background and applying the knowledge within exams.